Relationship Counselling

There are times in all relationships where therapy can be beneficial to help with challenges that arise. Whether you want to learn to communicate better, explore trust issues, differences in expectations, are growing apart, looking at key life changes or infidelity, I work with you without bias or judgement to support you to listen to each other, communicate your needs and challenges and feel heard and understood.

While lots of people consider relationship therapy to be for times of crisis, that’s not always the case. Whether you are in the early stages of a relationship or you have been together for many years, therapy helps you to explore, understand and resolve problems, that if left unsettled can lead to resentment. For many people there are advantages of exploring your challenges early, before they spiral. This can help you to grow closer and for the relationship to develop, as minor issues or challenges are resolved, reinforcing a deeper, more intimate connection between you.

Other times the counselling may be used to support the breakdown of a relationship. For some this may be about finding a way to reconcile differences, and for others it is about separating in a healthy and affirmative manner, allowing you each to accept your roll within the relationship and leave behind any ill-feelings, allowing you to move forwards into your new lives separately.

Relationship therapy can involve understanding how past life experiences are impacting on you in the present, how you understand family roles, differing styles of communication, how you express and understand love, among other things. I work collaboratively with you to allow a time and space for each person to be heard.

“Issues and conflict will arise in every relationship. But in healthy relationships, the deeper issue is recognized, and we work to chip away at it, moving from rupture to repair”

Esther Perel

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