About me​

I am a BACP accredited integrative counsellor working with individuals and relationships/couples. My experience includes work with common mental health problems, relationships, self-esteem, sexual and physical abuse, religious doubt and spiritual abuse. I use Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Person-Centred therapy and have been working with clients since 2018. I am also a counselling tutor, with experience of teaching on CPCAB level 2-4.

Way of working​

Supervision should provide an environment that is formative, normative and restorative. Formative supervision helps you to develop you skills, knowledge, to learn and grow as a counsellor. Normative supervision maintains professional standards and focuses on legal and ethical practice, functional aspects of running your private practice and safeguarding. Finally, Restorative supervision supports you and helps manage stress in your practice, exploring areas you are finding challenging, and supporting you to explore other ideas and perspective.

I use the Seven eyed model of supervision. This is a holistic model which considers the whole of the therapeutic process, the relational inter-play between yourself, your client, and their wider context. It engaging with your understanding and experience of your client work, not to apply interpretations, but to focus on how your experience them in the here and now of therapy to allow you an opportunity to reflect on how you are working together.

This is achieved by

  1. Focusing on the client- how they present, behave, speak, hold themselves.
  2. Focusing on how you work with the client and interventions you use.
  3. Explores the relationship between you and your client.
  4. Your process, thoughts and feelings with your client.
  5. Exploring the supervisory relationship and reflecting on how we are relating to each other, how are you feeling supported or what might you be holding back. Are there ways in which our relationship is mirroring the one between you and your client.
  6. What awareness do I have as a supervisor that may benefit your client work? Sometimes this means I may share a feeling or sense as you describe the client work to help to explore your process and understanding of your clients experience.

What is the wider context to consider, ethical frameworks, the clients history, organisations you work for, outside influences in the work, such as personal lives or past life- experiences.

Cost and Availability

I offer a free 30-minute initial consultation to all potential supervisees. This allows us a chance to meet, discuss ways of working, training and qualifications etc and see if we would work well together. If you are a student or newly qualified counsellor, we can discuss affordability in this meeting.

I am generally available on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays for supervision and work online via zoom or by phone.

For Qualified counsellors, I offer either 1-hour sessions charged at £55 (once or twice a month, as you prefer and making sure your overall supervision is inline with your membership bodies requirements), or 1.5 hours, charged at £75.

To support counsellors in training, or newly qualified to grow and develop their counselling practice, I offer a discounted rate of £60 for a 1.5 hours or £40 for an hours supervision session. If you require fortnightly supervision in line with BACP requirements,  I offer 2 x 45 minute sessions at £70 or 2 x 1 hr sessions at £80.

Group Supervision in groups of 4 people is charged at £100 for 1.5 hours or £75 for 1 hour.

Please not I cannot work with level 2-4 students from Banbury Counselling Academy.

“Supervision is the opportunity to bring someone back to their own mind, to show them how good they can be”

Nancy Klein